As we became parents we start to consider the changes that the traditional family has undergone during the years. We realized that, besides the traditional model, a family can be made up of a mother and her child or a father and his gorgeous twins.

A family is also one where both parents work away from home and often travel or even where the stay-at-home father runs the house. The love, affection and the new world that dawns with the birth of a child remain forever the true essence of a family life, though family needs change in time.

So we decided to begin the production of ‘intelligent’ items, practical and safe, nice and able to fit in with style with the furniture of modern houses. We got together with different Italian companies, which have many years of experience in the field, and gave a unique and true consistency to our project, so strong and loving and continuously growing. Slowly a new world appeared in front of us and day after day we made it all come true.

This is how HugsFactory® was born: just what we wanted for ourselves, our children and their parents.